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Incremental Income with Options

Volatility has returned to the stock market after a long time of unusual calm.  While this may seem scary, it is actually good news if you want to get some incremental income from options.  The risk premiums that you can get as an option seller rise with increasing volatility.  I am not talking about any […]

What to do when the stock market goes crazy

The Dow had the largest point drop in history so far yesterday (Feb 5) but it was far from the largest percentage drop.  Suddenly, the news are filled with doom and gloom predictions.  It makes me wonder if artificial intelligence has taken over news postings depending on the current sentiment.  Will we have a correction […]

Early Retirement: How much to adjust your withdrawal rate for future Social Security or Pension payments

Do you wonder how much you could adjust your withdrawal rate at an early retirement age for pensions or social security income?  You may be overly conservative if you take the standard advice on withdrawal rates without adjustments.  The amount you withdraw now will need to cover your entire expenses but you can withdraw less […]

Should I save in a taxable account for early retirement?

The common advice for saving is always to max out your 401k and other tax-advantaged accounts.  I am certainly not disagreeing with this for anybody just starting out on their savings journey or while in full swing of their high-income career.  After all, a lower tax bill is nice.  But what if you get this […]

Hedging your portfolio – or tough out the next bear market?

With the bull market in its 8th year and stock market valuations stretched by most measures, for people who have been around bear markets (myself included) the fear of a looming market drop is increasing.  I have to admit the prospect of sitting on the sidelines and watching my portfolio balance get cut in half […]