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Should I save in a taxable account for early retirement?

The common advice for saving is always to max out your 401k and other tax-advantaged accounts.  I am certainly not disagreeing with this for anybody just starting out on their savings journey or while in full swing of their high-income career.  After all, a lower tax bill is nice.  But what if you get this […]

Income Investing in Retirement

The accumulation phase of savings is fun.  There is something very satisfying about seeing your balance grow (obviously this works best in bull markets).  You could be investing your entire paycheck when you are getting close to Financial Independence/Retirement and theoretically you could already be living on your savings.    It can be an almost addictive […]

How to get to 5 million without going back to work

The early retirement /financial independence lifestyle is great.  You like your new life, new hobbies, ways to stay engaged – everything you want in your lifestyle.  Too bad that none of your hobbies pay you anything.  In fact, they cost you a bit more money when you anticipated.  Which is a problem if you did […]

Simplified Withdrawal Rate FI checks

I found that when getting closer to call it quits and enjoy the post FI life, nervousness tends to increase.  With increased nervousness which is really nothing other than good old fashioned fear to run out of money, we have a tendency to seek certainty in running a bunch of calculations and checking a variety […]

Defining enough or the slow road to Minimalism

Minimalism is a fantastic concept.  I very much agree with the principles of having less stuff.  It not only reduces your footprint but it also helps in feeling less stressed.  You don’t have to worry about scratches on your new car, cracks in that fantastic marble floor or countertop, or storing all the stuff that […]