Work-Free Wealth

Income Investing for Financial Independence and Early Retirement

Work-Free Wealth Book

Whether you want to get out of the rat race early, take some time off for an around the world trip, do volunteer work or enjoy a worry-free retirement, you will need money to support yourself. With a little knowledge about income investing, you can make your dreams a reality.

This book provides 11 different income investing tools that you can combine into an overall portfolio. The book contains insights on how to combine the investing options into a coherent portfolio with a sustainable and growing income stream including Portfolio Income generation through Dividend Growth Investing, Real Estate (REITs or crowdfunded), Distributions from Energy Partnerships, Closed-End Funds, Preferred Stocks, Peer-to-Peer Lending, Options and more. You can choose to use a few or all of the income investing choices when designing your own passive income stream.

Money and passive income can give you peace of mind and the option to do what you want with your life. The knowledge of how to confidently manage your own portfolio and adjust it to your needs with a good understanding of risk management is key to having peace of mind and the ability to make it through volatile markets without panic.

Build your own passive income portfolio and start living the life you want!